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Temporary re-opening

Seriously guys, I don't know what's going on really. I am completely confused. Ginny needs to contact the registrars cos I'm well out of my depth.

Anyway, I'm unlocking MC2 as I speak, I've not even got out of bed or anything, just woke up & started doing it. I think I'm gonna have to get up at some point, after I've sorted it.

I'm only unlocking the majority of forums, because there are several I really don't think we need. Obviously, if you're dying to post somewhere & you can't, PM me & get me to unlock it.

So yes, I am re-opening MC2, because I don't know how long MC will be down. I am also praying that because it is only on hold for the next couple of weeks, that nothing has been lost. Cos I never did get round to backing it up, cos I've only just fixed my PC.

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