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Is anyone else having trouble getting on to MC? I know Faith, Sofi, and I are. Is it opening for anyone at all?

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not working for me either.
Okay, it's there but I can't open any of the boards and when I refresh the page it doesn't reload. Grrr...
yeah, i ate dinner and came back, and now the homepage is loading.
then i try to get to Talk Soup and have to reload twice before getting anywhere, reload twice to post my reply, etc.

None of it is loading for me now. I give up for tonight. :P is just going straight to the sexuality boards

I hope it's just temporary
aha, the actual SL url to the boards works
And I still can't get on. Madness!
this sucks! we better not lose all of that.. the awards and everythign! That'd be horrible :(
yeah, not working again today...

has anyone been able to get on?
I managed to get on for a few minutes last night, but couldn't post anything...

I really hope nothing has happened and it's just a glitch with SL.

it's working tonight! I was so worried last night though, forgot about this lj, but read Tammzzz's post in MCS. Do you think it will be screwed up again soon? or was just a couple day thing..?
oh yea, this is Devi. :)
I cant get to MC & I forgot my password for the sexuality forum...& it won't send it to me. Argh!!
Was there a problem? I haven't been on in sooooooo long.

Hey everybody. :)
Nitza!! *tackles*

Suddenlaunch was having some internal problems. Luckily all is back as it should be :)
I'm having that same problem now too.. hopefully it's fixed soon!